Rene Pardo focuses mainly on the development of new innovations within the construction and electrical industries.

    He is also an inventor and businessman in Ontario who serves as an advisor and investor to startups. More than $75 million in research and development projects have emerged from Pardo's efforts as a co-founder or early investor in many high-tech startups.


    Aside from his role as CEO of Brainwave Research Corp., Pardo also serves as a corporate strategy advisor for Orbital Composites and as a board member for Skypower Corporation.


    He is the CEO of Brainwave Research Corp. in Ontario and focuses on the development of new breakthroughs in construction and electrical industries. When it comes to creating new products and services, companies like Prado and Brainwave Research have a demonstrated track record of doing so, as well as filing for patents to protect their ideas.


    Rene Pardo has co-founded and led a slew of businesses in Ontario and beyond over the course of his professional career.

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